Quien soy

After I graduated in Interiors Design at ESD Madrid, I continued my training specializing  in Master of Architectural Lighting Design MasterDIA at the Polytechnical University of Madrid. My academic experiences has given me the opportunity to develop into a highly competent, dynamic and creative person. I am able to work individually and I enjoy working within a team. I have graphic skills that allow me to communicate my proposals with ease and clarity.

I consider myself a enthusiastic person with dedication for what all I do. I can learn new skills quickly and I also like working on my own initiative. I have always wanted to learn, and above all, enjoy new experiences. Each project is a new challenge.

Moreover, Lumabe is a personal blog was created as its purpose of spreading the light. Website emerged while I was studying the MasterDIA. Since then I have used the site to upload news, events, workshops… Even, I have uploaded works (portfolio) that I have done during my academic and professional work. Feel free to visit website and put a little light in your life!


Lucía Moreno Abenojar.